Cholesterade to reduce Cholesterol

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Cholesterade featured on PBS’s “The American Health Journal”

Richard Goldfarb MD – Cholesterade segment from American Health Journal on Vimeo.

The Proof

In an 8 week study performed by Dr. Cade participants achieved amazing results without altering their lifestyle or taking harmful drugs. Participants each drank 1-8 ounce glass of Cholesterade® with each meal and one at bedtime.

CREATED BY DR. J. ROBERT CADE, Creator of Gatorade®

CHOLESTERADE® (so tasty the kids call it “The Yummy Stuff”)

7 Grams of delicious soluble fiber.

In 8 weeks, the participants achieved

Total Cholesterol (TC) -17.9%
LDL Cholesterol (LDLC) -21.4%
HDL Cholesterol (HDLC) +12.9%
HDLC/LDLC Ratio +44.0%
Triglycerides -50.0%

* Our recommended daily dose is 2-3 times per day. Individual results may vary from those of the original Dr. Cade study where participants daily dose was 4 times per day.

The Market

In some countries High Cholesterol is one of the highest concerns in the health industry. Typically, lack of exercise, unhealthy diets and a sedentary lifestyle along with our individual genetic makeup can all lead to high cholesterol levels. The pharmaceutical industry continues to make billions of dollars annually from prescribing statin drugs to address this issue. Matter of fact, the Global market for statin drugs that are used to decrease Cholesterol was well in excess of $10 billion US dollars in 2014. However, there is very little said about the dangerous side effects that come from prolonged use of the drugs. We believe the natural approach will prevail and in the long run will not only get the desired results but will not be toxic to the body like pharmaceutical drugs can be. We believe the Cholesterade® Brand will rapidly be taking its rightful place on top of the market.

The Brand

The late Dr. Robert Cade, the creator of Gatorade®, also created Cholesterade®. We firmly believe that the Cholesterade® brand will rise to the top of the market for decreasing high-cholesterol levels naturally just as his previous creation Gatorade® has done within the energy drink market, still commanding over 45% of the Global market. Given the choice between a toxic chemical and a natural, great tasting drink, what would you choose? Cholesterade® is rapidly becoming a cultural icon setting the bar for the conversations and trends of the day. Get yours today!

Go Epic Health, Inc., is not affiliated with Gatorade®